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 updated: 2011.04.25

Welcome to the private family website of John & Cecile Stadler.

If you are looking for information about our Beijing apartment (for sale or rent) please see information below and in the side bar, or click HERE to see photos.

The big family news is that Cara and Gwynn are getting married!  The celebration will be, where else, at the Mermaid at the end of August.  Details can be found at their wedding website.  Food for the event will be prepared by Cara and her fellow chef friends (yum, yum) -- Cara has recently achieved some fame from an interview as one of Shanghai's "Iron Maidens" for That's Shanghai magazine.  For those of you planning to visit when Cara is not cooking, and not during wedding week, we continue to maintain an online schedule of who is coming when, so you can plan your visit accordingly.

The other big family news is that Mei-Mei was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship which is not only a huge honor but also means she will get paid to finish her PhD.  Congratulations Mei'm.

John's blog Expat Nation can be found at  Russell's blog can be found at  Recipes, journal entries and an online message board are still empty pages - maybe I should just remove "coming soon"...   In the meantime, feel free to browse the site.

Beijing Vacation Rental

Beijing 3BR apt Visiting Beijing this summer?  We offer a home away from home for Beijing travelers.  Our 3BR, 2 bath, 217 m2 apartment is in a luxury compound centrally located in Workers Stadium.  The apartment has a fully equipped Western-style open kitchen, washer and dryer, several computers with internet access, and a large screen, surround-sound home theater.  Normally our home, the apartment has a wide selection of movies, books, games, and other materials not normally available in a hotel room.  The complex has excellent access to restaurants; the top nightclubs are located within a few hundred meters; first class health club with swimming pool, squash, aerobics in building; underground parking also available. Available most of the summer.  Please check the calendar for specific dates. More info and photos in this website. Or email Cecile or call John at +86 1369.354.3220 or +1 978 456-3456 (US phone) for more information. 

Gourmet Underground™ (temporarily closed)

Gourmet Underground is a private supper club and catering business started by our daughter Cara Stadler.  Cara is a professionally trained chef (France, USA, Singapore, China), having graduated from Cordon Bleu Paris and trained under some remarkable chefs (Guy Savoy, Gordon Ramsay, Emmanuel Stroobant, and Christopher Lee).  She offers catering services (business lunches and canapés for cocktail parties), gourmet-to-go meal delivery, cooking classes and private 5-course tasting dinners.  For more information about Cara, sample menus, food photos, and booking information, please see the Gourmet Underground™ website.

Expats of the World Unite!

If you are already an expat, you know what it feels like to be on the front lines of the globalization transformation.  Even if you have managed to live your entire life without leaving your homeland, you might have noticed that things are different – there are a lot more "foreigners" walking around, for one.  Different languages spoken on the street, different groceries available at the corner market, different ways to offend people with comics, or spitting, or asking for the check...  There is something major going on in every city of the world – there is nothing to do but recognize it!

But what, exactly, is it?  Globalization is a term that usually refers to textile workers losing their jobs because everyone is shopping at Walmart.  In fact, it is a transformation that is re-defining economics, culture, education, and politics everywhere in the world.  And for those of us who are choosing to live, work, and travel further from our homeland, globalization means we are living on the bleeding edge. 

Want to read more?  John's blog -- Expat Nation -- can be found here...

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